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Wave Apartments in Międzyzdroje

At a distance of just 60 m from the beach, located in Międzyzdroje, Wave Apartments complex entices with its original architecture to have a holiday rest.

Ways of investing in Wave Apartments:

1. You purchase a given apartment for yourself – you gain an ideal dwelling with a beautiful view at a great location. You enjoy the comfort of your own apartment and avail of the numerous attractions of the complex.

2. You purchase an apartment with an intention of renting it out. You hand over its management to a professional operator which we suggest you, who takes care of for its maximal occupancy rate, so that you may reap maximal profits on the investment project.

3. You purchase apartment for renting out purposes, after which you hand over its management to an arbitrarily selected company according to your preferences, or else you take care of it personally, and you comfortably avail of the opportunity to stay in the apartment at any given time.

Sabbia in Warsaw

Sabbia Apartments respond to Your need
for comfort and privacy.

The concept of modern form was born as a natural reaction
to provide residents with maximum comfort.

Sabbia is located in the prestigious part of Bielany,
next to Kellera Ponds and Kaskada Park.

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