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Sabbia in Warsaw

Sabbia Apartments respond to Your need
for comfort and privacy.

The concept of modern form was born as a natural reaction
to provide residents with maximum comfort.

Sabbia is located in the prestigious part of Bielany,
next to Kellera Ponds and Kaskada Park.

Słowiańska Apartments in Warsaw

If style and comfort are value for you…
If you expect more…
If you want to live in comfort near in the city centre…
Słowiańska Apartments are design for you.

Słowiańska Apartments are an elegant project, with sandstone on elevation.
Big windows let you enjoy a view on the greennery.
You can take a rest in private terrace or garden.


Pianissimo in Cracow

Pianissimo is an excellent investment for those looking for a place, that combines silence, peace and attractions   of Cracow’s Kazimierz.

The apartment house is built just next to Kurlandzki Boulevard and Kotlarski Bridge. The shape of its facade reminds waves of the Vistula, flowing quietly along the building.

Pianissimo is a well composed real estate development – sophisticated architecture mingles with beautiful nature. Reside in this unique place and feel the melody, which will boost your life each day.


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