Hampton Residence Wilanów

Hampton Residence Wilanów

  • Project details


    HRW is a closed, luxury housing estate. It’s situated in the stylish part of Wilanów, at ul. Hlonda, next to the church of God’s Providence, in the vicinity of abundant infrastructure of the Royal District. The residence sales offer comprises some spacious, modern facilities, spanning from 250 to 400 sqm, located on land plots from 550 to 1200 sqm.


    The housing estate project considers modernistic body of the buildings, elegant colour maintained in the shades of white, grey and light beige. The residences shall be finished with the use of natural stone. The architecture is characterized by spacious glazing, thanks to which, the would-be owners shall be able to enjoy unrestricted space. The gardens surrounding the residences shall be ideal place for comfortable rest. A convenient access to the residences shall be provided by the representative main alley. Wide, fancy and elegant alley, with some luscious green area shall constitute the central axis of the investment project. It shall serve to underline the elegant and unique nature of Hampton Residence Wilanów.


    The entire Hampton Residence Wilanów terrain shall be fenced, watched, and closed. At the entrance there shall be erected door-keeper’s room with access control. The land plots shall be surrounded by some comfortable alleys with neatly designed green areas, as well as elements of small architecture. The terrain’s monitoring shall ensure the much-desired security, comfort and privacy for the future inhabitants.

  • Localization


    The location of the project guarantees access to everything, which you might need, from day to day. In the closest vicinity, there are grocery shops, coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, schools, kindergartens, and fitness clubs.

    The Wilanów beach, the Botanic Garden in Powsin, or the thorn house in Konstancin encourage to active spending of time with children and friends.

    From the Hlond street you shall be at the airport in no time, and at the Mokotów business centre or Warsaw city centre, alike. These destinations are just 10 km away from you.

  • Gallery

    Przedstawione na stronie internetowej www.greenhousedevelopment.pl wizualizacje, animacje oraz modele budynków mają postać zbliżoną do finalnego obiektu, tj. mogą odbiegać od docelowego, rzeczywistego wyglądu budynków i ich zagospodarowania terenu, otoczenia w szczególności w zakresie kolorystyki oraz konstrukcji. Zmianie nie ulegną istotne cechy świadczenia oraz funkcjonalność budynków.

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    691 136 666


    Green House Development S.A.

    Puławska 2, 02-566, Warszaw



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