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  • Project details

    With a view to the Pomorska Bay

    located in Międzyzdroje, Wave Apartments complex entices with its original architecture to have a holiday rest. The project inspired by sea breeze and Baltic wave assumes the shape of a spiral, thanks to which the residents can enjoy sea view and maximal insolation throughout the year. It’s just in Międzyzdroje that a unique Wave Apartments investment project shall be realised: covering five apartment buildings of very abundant infrastructure. Location at the first coastline is a guarantee of full enjoyment of the attractions offered by direct access to Pomorska Bay.
    Enormous glazings of apartments let take delight in the incredible sight. Almost 75% of apartments shall have a sea view. An evening time stroll on the beach, relaxing time at swimming pool within the complex or sunset enjoyed directly from own apartment shall be the crowning of each wonderful day.

    The season is on throughout the entire year! Relaxing time, no matter what’s the weather.

    In the central part of the complex, there shall be found swimming pools’ zone and the SPA. We have planned in here deck chairs at the side of hot swimming pool, paddling pools, jacuzzi, fountains and a relaxing zone with sunbeds. It’s the zone of most active rest time, focussing many attractions, ensuring entertainment also during days with poorer weather or outside of the holiday season. Indoor swimming pool and SPA shall be situated in building B. Directly from here there shall be a possibility of going out into terrace, provided with yet another jacuzzi and deck chairs. This place surrounded by green area shall be ideal for relaxing far away from life-throbbing central part of the complex.

    Thanks to the application of the heated pools, future residents shall be able to take advantage in full of the SPA zone also during winter time. Relaxing in outdoor swimming pool or jacuzzi is an ideal complementation of winter time activities.  

    On the wave of adventures

    The attractions of the beach right by the Wave Apartments’ location, is not just relaxing on deck chairs in the sunlight, but also some active resting. It shall be provided by the Water Sports Zone. There shall be found, among others, scooters, water bananas, and sofas for towing, for exclusive disposal of the dwellers. All of these attractions shall mean that the youngest kids shall not complain of boredom. On the other hand, the adults shall have a chance to see how good they are in acrobatics on water skis or else riding on scooters.

    And after the frenzy on the beach...

    ...we invite you to the restaurant. In modern, fashionably arranged interiors, the dwellers shall have the opportunity of enjoying morning coffee, treat themselves to some excellent dishes and spend some time together with their friends or romantic time during a dinner with their date.

    Comfortably and actively

    The every-day security and comfort of the dwellers of the Wave Apartments shall be taken care of by the staff at the
    reception, situated at the B building. It’s here, that the residents shall realise their orders, collect keys to their apartments
    or order extra services. The excellently equipped fitness room shall let you stay in perfect shape. The youngsters, for that
    matter, shall enjoy many attractions in the special Kids Zone.

    Family time

    In the south-eastern part of the complex, there shall be situated a playground with numerous facilities and a sports pitch. Adult dwellers of Wave Apartments shall have the opportunity of taking care for their physical form by availing of the external gym, and the sports pitch shall become the playground of many unforgettable sporting rivalries, whereas the youngsters shall forget what boredom is while availing of the attractions offered by the playground.

    The entire terrain shall be fenced, equipped with decorative illuminations, emphasising the advantages of the meticulously arranged space.

    Make your investments and earn money by the sea

    Investing in a sea apartment is an ideal solution. By being a property owner, you locate your funds safely, as over the long run, sea side property gains in value. And so, a wide array of opportunities opens up for you in the process: a chance to have own apartment right by the beach; apartment for rent, which you manage yourself or through an operator, so as to reap profits on short-term renting.

    Beneficial packages/ways of investing in Wave Apartments:

    1. You purchase a given apartment for yourself – you gain an ideal dwelling with a beautiful view at a great location. You enjoy the comfort of your own apartment and avail of the numerous attractions of the complex.

    2. You purchase an apartment with an intention of renting it out. You hand over its management to a professional operator which we suggest you, who takes care of for its maximal occupancy rate, so that you may reap maximal profits on the investment project.

    Enjoy your apartment located at seaside resort and earn money on its renting. Apartment buildings, right there by the sea, at the first coastal line.

    The given information is for promotional purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66, par. 1 of the Civil Code.

     The rate of return on investment in this amount is a fixed, monthly net rent. The net rent does not include additional costs (e.g. real estate tax due). Detailed calculations for the selected premises are available in the appropriate calculation in investment calculator.

    Brochure Wave Apartments
    pdf 676.5 KiB Wave Apartments brochure
  • Location

    Well-tuned surroundings

    Międzyzdroje: a holiday resort, very important holiday and tourist centre, capital of culture hosting European Festival
    of Stars. Right here, in the western part of the town, at the first coastal line, is located the Wave Apartments
    investment project. The apartment buildings’ complex is situated within the seaside lane, having direct access onto the beach. It is located in the park section of the town, just a 15-minute-long beach walk away from the pier.
    Close by, there are grocery shops, chemists and a wide choice of gastronomy locations offering some fresh local specialities.

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    Montaż balustrad balkonowych w Wave Apartments & Wellness

    Sezon plażowy w Międzyzdrojach

    Wrzesień w Wave Apartments&Wellness

    Szalowanie i betonowanie basenu oraz montaż ogrodzenia zewnętrznego

    Roboty wykończeniowe elewacji

    Montaż stolarki okiennej na 7 piętrze

    Wykonanie fasady w Wave Apartments&Wellness

    Murowanie ścian międzylokalowych i działowych

    Montaż fasady w Wave Apartments & Wellness

    Zachód słońca w Wave Apartments & Wellness

    Kondygnacja 11: zabetonowano attykę w budynkach A, B i C

    Widok z dachu Wave Apartments

    Montaż ślusarki aluminiowej w Wave Apartments

    Zielony maj w Międzyzdrojach

    Zarys basenu zewnętrznego

    Widok z okien budynku A i B

    Zbrojenie stropu kondygnacji 10 w budynku A

    Zdjęcia z drona Wave Apartments

    Zbrojenie i szalowanie stropu 8-ej kondygnacji budynku A i C

    Szalowanie stropu 8-ej kondygnacji budynku A

    Murowanie ścian międzylokalowych

    Rozpoczynamy prace nad siódmą kondygnacją

    Rozpoczynamy prace nad piątą kondygnacją

    Poziom 4: zbrojenie, szalowanie i betonowanie stropu, słupów oraz trzonu

    Zaczynamy 4 kondygnację

    Ciąg dalszy zbrojenia, szalowania i betonowania stropu, słupów i ścian trzonu

    Szalowanie, zbrojenie stropu kondygnacji 2 w budynku A

    Zbrojenie ścian trzonu klatkowo-windowego bud. C

    Budowa słupów skośnych, stropów i ściany trzonu klatkowo-windowego budynku A

    Izolacje na poziomie -2, -1, oraz ściany trzonu klatkowo-windowego na parterze

    Zasypki palisady

    Widok z Wave Apartments

    Budowa ścian, słupów oraz strop kondygnacji -1

    Wiosna w Międzyzdrojach

    Odwodnienia wykopów przy pomocy igłofiltrów i izolacje przeciwwodne

    Zbrojenie i betonowanie płyty fundamentowej

    Rozpoczęcie prac nad kolumnami DSM

    Wykonywanie platform roboczych pod kolumny DSM

    Stawianie pali CFA

    Wykopów ciąg dalszy

    Ciąg dalszy prac geotechnicznych

    Prace przygotowawcze pod roboty geotechniczne

    Rozpoczęcie prac budowlanych

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    Welcome to the Wave Apartments Sales Office

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